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This item SOLD on 1/11/2009 for $1,599.99

New in box Bozart Kaleidoscope Dollhouse. This box has never been removed from its original Bozart packing box, and in fact, the shipping box has never even been opened. Due to the limited production and availability of the Kaleidoscope House, these are becoming more and more difficult to find. Finding one in its original shipping box is even more unusual. The first photo is a stock web photo, second and third are the actual box, fourth is a friend's to show you what it looks like. Didn't want to decrease the value by opening the box. Most people reading this listing know all about the amazing Kaleidoscope House, its critical acclaim and its similarities to the architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe, but for those of you who don't, here's the info: The Kaleidoscope House was designed by Peter Wheelwright, a practicing New York architect who has designed a number of homes for New York artists, and Laurie Simmons, an internationally-renowned artist and photographer who uses dolls' house imagery in her work. The house was a gift from Bozart Toys of Philadelphia. Larry Mangel, who founded the company, was a former private art dealer who decided to give artists an opportunity to design creative, educational, fun toys for children. The Kaleidoscope House is an interactive creative play environment for 6 year olds and above. This 1:12 scale modernist architectural house, with sliding transparent color walls, invites children and adults alike to fill it with an exciting accessory line of modern furniture from respected contemporary designers including Dakota Jackson, Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, and Keiser/Newman, paintings and sculpture by Peter Halley, Carroll Dunham, Laurie Simmons, Cindy Sherman, Mel Kendrick and realistic â??action figuresâ? of the artist and family. As the interchangeable exterior walls of the dollhouse slide open and overlap one another, their colors change in hue and value. The floor plan measures 22 x 24 x 28 inches. Item comes to you from a smoke-free home. Please email me with any questions. *** Free insured shipping within US*** *** International bidders - I have had questions from several international bidders interested in this house. I will be happy to ship anywhere in the world, but I would charge you any additional shipping over the US price. I only charge the actual shipping, but since it is a very heavy package it may cost you between $70-$100 USD. Bid with confidence, when the auction ends we can figure out the best and least expensive way to ship this beautiful house. I will also check with you regarding customs declaration paperwork ***

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